I don’t believe I have ever been more ready to meet the darkening, suddenly cool presence of November.    Woodacre becomes autumnal all of a sudden.  All of the leaves turned late this year and the land is damp and relaxed  after two good rains. The sun comes in at that magical sidewise angle that makes everything golden.  I’m happy to turn on the heat and find the flannel sheets and light a candle in the evening and hunker down under covers with my heat seeking cat.  I have been out there this year and that makes the home coming all the more precious.  My last Quest in Chicago was so sweet.  It is taking root there and new friends and old have taken the work into their hearts.  I received a note from a woman who took two pieces of the exercises we always do and found her own wholeness.  I never would have imagined that that would happen.  This Quest has a mind of her own.

I think part of what grew in me as a result of my time in Australia is a sense of trust that what I need to do is to offer with presence and love and the invisible ones take it from there.  If I look back, I perceive that  this  knowing has been growing in me.  It is time to acknowledge it’s arrival.

Today is filled with the world.  The horror of terrorism is more tangible when I visualize the streets of my beloved Paris.  Sadly, I usually do not feel so it strongly when its daily rampage comes from other parts of the globe, but as a stark FB post reminded us, we must pray for the whole World in which these unspeakable acts occur.

So coming into this season of  the rich feeling, of gratitude, of the  celebration of light in the midst of darkness, I remember a song I wrote 2 years ago

IMG_0035For the Beauty of the Earth ,

for the challenge of our Birth

For the love in every Heart,

We are grateful

With grace, peace, joy and love

We give thanks.