Pilgrim Consciousness

This year, I have a room which looks out onto the world from the Chartres Cathedral hilltop.  Other years my room has faced in toward the magnificent spires entirely in the thrall  of the bells and cathedral life.  This change of physical perspective has me thinking  about what it means to take all that this sacred place inspires in me into the world.

Nearly two weeks into to my autumn journey, I am thoroughly in what I would call pilgrim consciousness.   I don’t drive a car or cook my meals.  There are loving and inspiring people to teach, chat with, laugh with.  Every day beauty and sacred space nourish my soul.  The familiar haunts of
Chalice Well, Stonehenge, Tintagel, Avebury and now Mary’s house at Chartres are like beloved old friends.  I feel welcomed into their beneficent embrace, nourished and inspired.  The crazy world of American politics and the omnipresent dire straits of global crises are still here but somehow the anxiety I have been feeling all summer softens in the presence of the ancient places.

Certainly pilgrim consciousness strengthens compassion, puts prayer, meditation, mindful appreciation in the forefront of mind.  Surely being alive to new experiences, awake to sorting out language, custom and daily life brings on beginner’s mind.  Compassion, aliveness, beginner’s mind…. these are the tools of change.

So I want to bring this consciousness back to the daily world… to the forthcoming Dream Quests and therapy sessions, to my relationships, to my politics.  I want to look out from my perch, filled with the Mother’s love and send hope, harmony and love to you all.