Solvitur Ambulando

IMG_1104It is full on summer here in Woodacre.  I decided to go out to Pt. Reyes to find the ocean breeze and to walk long and far.  The Bear Valley trail is a beautiful 8.5 mile round trip  that goes goes through old forest, meadows and ends at the Pacific.  I started early enough that I had long stretches all by myself.  The dappled light through the forest canopy and the rich earthy smells of a watershed were a balm to my soul.  After the first couple of miles the outlines of two of the workshops I am currently planning came effortlessly to my consciousness.   New ideas floated in like the little blue butterflies who accompanied my walk.    I have to do this more often, I thought.  Much is solved by walking.

On the beach, I thought about my friend, Joan, providing safety for the Pride Parade in San Francisco, 20 miles and a world away down the coast at this moment.  Such joy this week has brought with Marriage Equality!  Much was solved by many people walking in 42 years of parades  and political actions and their  fidelity to this latest in the liberation movements of our time.  

And then my mind and heart turned to Nelson Mandela as it has so frequently this week.  I know of no greater hero.   It seems fitting that Barack Obama is visiting at this moment close to his transition.  I pray for his ease-full  passage, pray that the great energy of love and tenacity, walking step by step for equality, freedom, peace and reconciliation  will pass to us as his parting gift.

May we all walk with Pride.