Between the Worlds

Now is it 18 days before I begin my next odyssey to England, France, Poland and Wales.   I still feel the vast expanse of Argentina in my heart, the dear friends of the Quest in Santa Fe whispering in my ear, and the profound experience of playing Mother Mary in my friend Kayleen Asbo’s  Passion Play, The Passion of Mary Magdalene.  For me, Mary is the embodiment of mercy, grace and love.  For years I have prayed to her, visited her in her many manifestations, particularly at Chartres, sung her praises.  To don a blue veil woven of silk, cotton and linen created by my great friend Kay,  and to be her, was to enter into a communion and a responsibility.  I know that it is she who will accompany me on this next part of my journey….  she always has.

I look forward to Avalon and to being in the Chalice Well Garden Retreat House.  The group of women coming are lovely and seeking.  I will feel the familiar homecoming and delight in the high vibration of green and beautiful Glastonbury.  I look forward to being in Chartres as well ,first teaching a daylong class on Mary and then being on staff for a week with John Phillip Newell.  We will walk the candlelit labyrinth in familiar wonder.

It is the next part of the journey that makes me feel like a pilgrim.  I will go to Warsaw and present the Women’s Dream Quest–WIELKIE ŚNIENIE KOBIET– in Polish– or literally, the Big Dreaming of Women.  Many women have signed up and my host has done an amazing job of calling the circle.  I am so moved that my work will be translated and that women the world over  are called to the Heroine’s Journey.

After the Quest, my hosts will accompany me to Krakow and to  Czestochowa to see the Black Madonna.  I will also visit Auschwitz.  I will go to bear witness, to stand in the place that has come to symbolize evil, to experience what is there for me to experience.  I have read a lot about Poland’s  history in the last while – the ravages of empires, the senseless slaughter of unthinkable numbers of human beings.  I can only imagine what it will feel like.  It is then that I will call on the vast expanse of Argentina- where ironically so many fled.  I will call on the love of circles upon circles that I belong to.  I will call on Mary, simple, kind and brave.