The Spring Pilgrimage Begins

I am on the precipice of my next great adventure.  I feel the quickening, the anticipation, and interestingly, the desire to write after a long hiatus.  I hope to write here while I am visiting my beloved Avalon, and in new territory in Ireland.  I will also write in  Wales and in Poland.

This year has so far been punctuated by  a series of annoying challenges with the mundane world of finance, car purchase, arranging for distant workshops and such.  All of my European workshops have had cancellations and I have had to decide whether or not to pursue  them without enough financial compensation.  These are not huge problems and I am continually grateful for my good health and the health and wellbeing of those I hold close, but unlike last year when my river flowed effortlessly through Argentina , England, France, Poland and a glorious week on Kauai, there have bumps and difficulties.  Always on the lookout for the meaning and path, I’ve wondered if this year’s pilgrimage was meant to be.

In the run up to leaving, I have begun  to realize that honoring the world work- building and connecting labyrinths, opening new women’s circles, doing whatever healing on whatever level I am called to do–is the important thread I am following.   My camel is tethered enough, truly ,and I can listen to a deeper call.

One of these calls is visiting Ireland, my Mother’s land.  Two different friends were going to accompany me and for different reasons decided not to.  Then synchronicity intervened and a friend of friend in Glastonbury offered to host me for a couple of days near the ancient sites outside of Dublin.  Another friend connected me to an old flame of hers who lives in Galway and already the famous friendliness of my kin has begun.

The other call has to do with my soul journey in Poland.  Even though the workshop long scheduled is sparsely enrolled, I think that I have another reason to visit.  My experience in Auschwitz last year, bringing what I could of my healing work to meet the energy of that terrible place is still strong and true in my consciousness.  Last Saturday I just happened to meet a new sister with strong ties to a Rebitzim in Warsaw.  I will meet her before my labyrinth walk and women’s retreat.

This year’s Dream Quests are called “Dreaming the Mystery” .  I should have known when that title came to me that a new dimension was calling.  I will follow my calls, spread my wings into the wide world and fly.