Avalon in Early Spring

imageWatching the newly leafing trees on the way from the airport yesterday I went back in time to the first time I came to Glastonbury in late April of 1990.   The April green is different that the May green of this verdant land.  It feels new, promising, a harbinger of all that is alive,all that is Viriditas.  A line from a Neil Young song echoed…all my changes were here .  So many times I have discovered and remembered here.  Pilgrimage makes me wake up, pay attention, savor.

This place where I have faithfully returned all these years and brought beloved friends for the last 15, meets me with that green, with the wren song, with the tiny purple flowers that tumble over the stone walls.  Avalon meets me in the eyes of old friends, the rusty water of the well, and with the steam of spirit that runs thru time from the ancient goddess ofthe holy Tor all the way to the weave of esoteric Christianity and love of Earth.  Ahi, Blessed Be Amen, Namaste.