Listening Across the Divide

A Workshop for Men and Women on Holy Mt. Shasta

In these times of cultural turmoil between the genders, it behooves men and women of good will to hear each other– to empathize, understand and heal to a deeper level.

This workshop, at the Summer Solstice on the slopes of Mt Shasta, will offer a small group of women and men the opportunity to listen and heal through psycho/spiritual exercise, ceremony, circle work, writing practice, labyrinth walking and song. In each of our hearts, there are assumptions, projections, traumas and resignations. We will work to provide a healing circle to explore them. In each of our hearts there are hopes for healing, connection and transformation. We will create a circle to amplify them.

Offered by long-time friends and colleagues, Judith Tripp and Nando Raynolds

To Register,contact Judith at Judith@circleway. com or 415-552-4546