Pilgrimage to the Callanish Stones September 11-15, 2019

In May 2018, I visited the pristine and magnificent Callanish Stones for the first time.  They had been calling me for years since I first saw an image of them.  They are perched on the far north west corner of the Isle of Lewis- the furthest isle of the Outer Herbrides.  My sense was that they are energetic guardians for  the whole of Western Europe–  marking an energy flow .  Like their sister stones in Stonehenge, Avebury and the stone circles of England and Brittany, they are mysterious gifts from our long time ancestors.

There are 13 main stones in the circle, with an avenue leading to them and a cross ways line marking the West/East direction.  There is also a large stone in the center with a womb shaped structure of small stones in front of her.  After I visited each of the 13 and stood at the center stone, I knew that I wanted to gather 13 others to stand with me, listening to the energies of these stones and allowing ourselves to learn what these beings have to impart to us in these times.

Our four days will be spent in sacred circle.  We will have daily meditations and a sung vespers service , a chance to share our personal quests and work for our planet.  Our circles will prepare us for the Full Moon ceremony at the Stones on the Saturday night, September 14.   On Friday night, Jenni will give us a Sound Bath with the gongs and other instruments she will bring from Wales.  We will engage a guide to orient us to the Stones and to the Isle.  We will spend time exploring nearby beaches and a 12th century chapel at the northern end of the Isle. We will visit the Stones each day.    I will be available for teachings, counsel and healing.

We will stay in simple cottages 10 minutes from the Stones, have our meditation and sacred circle times in the lounge of one of the cottages.  Rooms will be double occupancy .  We will have a simple breakfast in our cottages and dinner at the nearby hotel.  Lunches will be out.  Transportation on the island  by mini bus, 4 nights bed and breakfast and 4 evening meals , gong bath and guide services are included in the $650 fee.

If you are called to explore this, please call me at 415-552-4546.

In the meantime, find a copy of the 80’s novel, Guardians of the Tall Stones to stoke your imagination.