Women’s Dreamquest

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Next Women’s Dream Quests:

Dreaming Into the Light 

Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California

November 6-7, 2020

or Virtually

November 6-7, 2020

Friday November 6, 7-11 and Saturday November 7, 8-11

In these uncertain times, we do not know if we will be able to offer our usual in person Quest in Grace Cathedral.  If large gatherings are still not allowed, we will use the Zoom platform to gather the circle with song, meditations, finger labyrinth walks, breakout groups with small group leaders and our usual rituals and ceremonies.

We will certainly need to gather in the circle three days after the election to Dream Into the Light.

The following is the description of our in person gathering:

The format of the Dream Quest is quite simple. We gather as a large group- usually about 100 women. We learn several beautiful chants that we will use throughout the experience. We spend time greeting each other and preparing to enter the sacred space of the Quest. We then move to the Labyrinth and do a ceremony with song, movement and guided meditation that sets the tone and creates a safe and expansive environment for each woman to have her “dream” as well as a warm and nurturing environment for us all to experience a community of heart.

We then move into small groups facilitated by able women in the community. We choose these groups by randomly drawing a card representing a quality that creates a theme in each group. The small groups are an essential part of the experience. Here women are invited to share their stories and to be witnessed as they quest for their dreams. We encourage women to consider all their experiences in the event as part of their dream.

After an hour of small group interaction, it is time for walking the Labyrinth, receiving healing, meditating, praying, journaling, singing, creating art or dolls, or even going to sleep. We want women to feel free to follow their hearts and experiences. This period lasts until the lights dim, but some women choose to walk the Labyrinth during the night or continue their vigil or meditation.

In the morning, the women are awakened with a song, and spend the first morning hour in meditation, body prayer, (movement, Yoga stretches etc.), or journaling. They then meet in the small groups again. A final large group ceremony is held on the Labyrinth and the process of taking what we’ve learned back into the world is begun.

We meet in the same small groups over breakfast and prepare a skit to communicate the message each group wants to share. After the performance, each woman receives a gift and we dance and sing a final closing.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Women’s Dream Quest in your area, please contact Judith Tripp at 415-552-4546 or judith@circleway.com. We will provide you with detailed plans, guidelines for training small group leaders, telephone consultations and Judith’s services during the event, You will need a large space to accommodate the 36’labyrinth,preferably in a church, 6-12 facilitators trained in group dynamics, people to help advertise, organize, and dream.

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