Meeting Mary at Chartres

Meeting Mary– a Pilgrimage to the Heart of the Sacred Feminine  

June 2-3, 2023

Throughout the ages, Chartres has been home to the Sacred Feminine. Whether it be the the ancient goddess venerated at the well, the vestiges of Roman worship of the goddess Isis or the uninterrupted veneration of Mother Mary through the centuries of Christian worship, pilgrims always come to soak in the beauty of the perennial Feminine presence. These days with our growing appreciation of Mary Magdalene, Chartres also offers us glimpses into her presence in our world.

In this pilgrimage, we will create a community of seekers using song and music, meditation, writing practice and art inspired lectures to meet Mary and the broader essence of the ever present sacred feminine in our hearts and minds. Each morning we will begin  in the acoustically perfect Chapel at Hotellerie St. Yves and learn simple songs of devotion and inspiration from medieval to contemporary times.  Our labyrinth walk on Saturday evening will be our highlight as we walk as pilgrims in Mary’s House.  

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