Psychotherapy from a Spiritual Perspective

For over 30 years, I have worked with people exploring the depths of their individual life stories, all the while keeping in mind the greater meaning that their spiritual experiences hold for them.

With insight, warmth, and deep intuition, I will help you to understand your soul’s purpose, to make sense of the relationships and challenges of your life’s path, and to heal the dysfunctional patterns and habits that interfere with your well being:

I have worked successfully with adults, adolescents, and couples who are:

– Healing from childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse
– Making difficult life transitions
– Coping with serious illness
– Confronting depression and anxiety
– Integrating spiritual practice into a life path
– Changing dysfunctional patterns in relationship
– Exploring the meaning of spiritual life

I employ the theories of psychodynamic and transpersonal psychology, the modalities of psychosynthesis. somatics, dream work and subtle energy work.

I have offices in San Francisco and in Woodacre. I also conduct telephone and Zoom sessions.

Judith Tripp
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License: MCT18646