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To the Callanish Stones

Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis

I have just come in from a hike in my “back yard” on a trail that skirts 3000 acres of open space. There is a clear flow of energy all the way from China across the vast Pacific to this beautiful spot I am privileged to call my home land. I placed 3 rocks in my prayer tree, one for the Pilgrimages to Avalon and Chartres in May, one for increased attention to writing and music, and one for the September Pilgrimages to Wales, Iona and the Callanish Stones.

These days between the holidays have become a bastion of being for me, out of the regular schedule, without the need to accomplish. They are a chance for rest, rejuvenation, movies and seeing old friends. I can feel the usual rhythm beckoning as of Wednesday, so right now is the chance to cast my dreaming net into the ocean of 2019.

The pilgrimage to the Callanish Stones planned for September 11-14 is what ignites my imagination most fully. When I visited last May, the call was clear to come back and bring like minded ones to stand where our long time ancestors once stood, attuning to the wisdom of the stones and using our modern imaginations to ask the questions that face us as a species in this time. We will go as pilgrims ready to discover and learn. One of the features of the location of the stones, is that like my home, they are in the path of energies that come all the way from Canada across the wild North Atlantic. I am fascinated by the flows of Gaia’s meridians and what we can learn as conscious ones attuning to their messages.

I am still welcoming 6 more pilgrims to Callanish. Iona is open for 7 more, and Avalon can receive 3 more pilgrims. My class, Meeting Mary in Chartres which includes a candlelit labyrinth walk is open for many. Check Circleway.com for more details.

And until the year takes us on its busy way, I wish you deep peace,